14 Amazing Natural toothache remedies

If you’re dealing with toothaches, you need relief. When tooth pain becomes acute or intermittent, tooth pain may cause a headache. If you wish to get the pain gone quickly, you could consider taking a home treatment.

Of course you want to protect your dental health, so any tooth or gum disease can cause pain, and you should visit your dentist regularly! If you feel toothaches at home and can’t get to an office, you can try this method.

14 Best Natural toothache remedies

It seems obvious that dental pain can be treated quickly with an oral surgeon. But if you cannot go to the dentist immediately, you may still be a little uncomfortable. This article should be followed to prevent teeth from hurting during dental appointments.

Toothaches can arise from many things including tooth decay, tooth regrowth or tooth abscesses. Although all of the options are possible they can be caused by nerve pains or inflammation on the teeth root of the tooth.

Many of the remedies listed here work by soothing bacterial infection and reducing the pain in the mouth. The most common dental ailments can be prevented through flossing and removing fluoride toothpaste, and taking an annual dental cleaning.


Applying ice to a painful spot will help relieve itching. The technique may vary depending on the technique that you are using. Keeping the ice covered with towels applies this to the affected region.

Immediately place the compress in place. You can keep the drink cold for at least a couple of seconds. But keep your teeth off the ice because that will damage them.

Tea bags

You can place hot or cold tea bags in the mouth. Applying used tea bags ensure that they are cold enough to not become cold but remain warm.

Alternatively, try placing a used teabag in the freezer for about 30 minutes and applying this to a tooth. Peppermint tea has a bacterial resistance. Tea may cause teeth to stains and therefore, avoid them.


Use of these spices is good in treating tooth pain as well as tooth pain. Since cloves can help treat inflammatory and painful skin conditions. Apply clove oil onto the affected area or place a drop directly on your teeth.

Alternately you can put cloves oil in water or use them for mouthwashing.

Over the Counter Medicines

Medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen help reduce inflammatory conditions. Using combination tinaminophen or antihistamines may help relieve aches. Various Gel products may be applied directly on the gums and teeth to relieve the pain.

Elevate Your Head

Although it’s often hard to get into sleep when you have a dental issue, lying back could help ease your discomfort. When you’re sleeping make sure you’re laying in a pillow and laying down on the ground.

Guava leaves

Guava leaf is known for its antibacterial properties which help relieve your tooth pain. You can use the leaves as teas that you leave to warm and then use to wash as well as chew them for reducing pain.

Hydrogen peroxide rinse

Hydrogen peroxide kills bacterial infections and aids with inflammation as it is absorbed from saltwater in a clean solution. This remedy is most effective at treating bleeding gums or toothaches resulting from infections.

To use the remedy, combine 3% hydrogen peroxide and water and dispense the liquid into the mouth for 30 seconds until it dries out. It is not necessary for kids to swallow hydrogen peroxide.

Salt Water Rinse

Salt water rinses are very effective at cleaning. It can relieve pain and remove toxins and bacteria from your teeth. For making saltwater rinse add 1/2 teaspoon Salt in 1-2 cups cold water. Swish the solution into your mouth for 30 seconds. Continue until all rinses are done.

Cold compression

Cold compresses are helpful for constricting blood vessels, thereby decreasing swelling of the skin. It is an effective remedy especially if the tooth has been damaged. Use cold packs or frozen foods for application in 10 minutes to the sides of your face if needed.

Try garlic

Since the early 1700s garlic has been used in medicine. This product is also effective in killing bacteria which may cause a lot of discomfort.

When using garlic in teethache crush a clove in an adhesive paste to apply it on your toothache areas. Alternatively you can chew garlic cloves and prick them out.

Use peppermint tea bags

Peppermint tea bags are mainly considered safe and can ease oral discomfort quickly. Usually people like to cool tea bags in the freezer a few minutes before use. You can also place the teabag at room temperature and wait for cooling. It gives a pleasant feeling, which helps ease the pain from teeth.

Take an anti-inflammatory

It is possible to reduce swelling by consuming antibiotics like Ibiferol or other anti bacterial medicines. Ensure you take ibuprofen regularly and take it daily as recommended by the manufacturer.

Do not take any medicine unless you have pain relief. Is ibuprofen a good substitute?

Try homemade thyme mouthwash

Thyme is an excellent anti-oxidant and antibiotic agent. To prevent dental pain and gum inflammation, essential oils can be added to water or mouthwash. It is also possible to dilute thyme essentials in water by adding it to cotton balls. Apply this on your affected zone.

Try acupressure

Researchers have suggested acupressure is effective in decreasing toothache pain by creating endorphins. Certain body areas have been identified as causing oral discomfort. You should research the best online sources for acupressure in this field.


When you want to stop toothaches immediately, you must first determine the possible cause. When people experience pain, the brain signals the brain that something is wrong. In general, oral pain signals indicate a problem needing immediate attention.

Oral pain may arise from various problems, including dental decay, a damaged filling, tooth fracture, tooth infection, ingrown gum or abscessed teeth. In such cases, there is potential for serious health problems without immediate treatment. These conditions may cause tooth damage or bone damage.

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