20 creative diy wine cork crafts ideas

In a list of DIY projects that our family loves, wine cork crafting is the best. Picture this: the day is over. Maybe the stress was intense, maybe it was a great day. You will have no hesitation to open that wine glass that comes into contact with your fridge right away.

After the grand moment, pour the glass. Have you ever stopped looking into the wine bottle on a counter and noticed how big it really can be and how big it can be to the consumer? It seems as if it is just cork.

Creative diy wine cork crafts

What is the point of saving cork wines in this situation? They’re easy to use. Reusing wine corks is an easy and enjoyable process. Check out the different crafts and find out what you like most!

Where can I buy corks for wine cork crafts

Want to create a wine craft that requires a little bit too much wine? Do not panic because most craft store outlets and online retailers like Amazon offer cork wine that is specialized on crafts. This cork typically has a similar size, but is stronger than wine corks in bottle wine. This makes the job easier.

Alternatively, you can ask friends to save their own bottles if you want to save them and create a craft when you collect their bottles.

15 beautiful wine cork crafts you can actually make and use

This collection of wine cork crafts is beautiful, functional and are perfect crafts for creating and using in the home. Recycle old corks for unique crafts and DIY projects.

A Cork Monogram

How about incorporating cork monograms as decoration? Depending on what letter the letter is written for you to determine what amount of corks are required. The gorgeous M on DIY uses 115 corks to be exact.

Other supplies necessary to accomplish this task are a hot glue gun, acrylic craft paint with any color of your choice, a brush and letters printed.

Spooky wine stops

It is not necessary to repurpose wine bottles for these small projects. They’ve got to use them to varying degrees but will look different. Using plastic Jack-o-lanterns on the corks, they turn them into spooky wine stops. This project is simple and fun to complete for kids.

A Cork Trivet

Is there a way to make cork-shaped trivets? Then cut each cork into half. The cork used was 35 mm. Once cut in half, the pieces are arranged on the hexagon shape.

Wine Cork Grape Ornaments

Source images + tutorial Its not all that bad, these are the final wine cork ornaments in my collection. They are simple yet very versatile. You could hang it around the branches or near the wine stash and you can give it away for free. You have a variety of options to use them.

Wine Cork Reindeer

Imagesource – Tutorial. I’ll tell you below about my wine corker Christmas ornament, but i did add this new Christmas DIY project to it! The cork reindeers are ornamental in nature. Then they can even be used on tables and place cards.

Wine Cork Snowman Ornament

I love this festive wine cork artwork idea that I have included. The earmuffs for the snowmen are adorable! It’s very likely that children will also do this! You can make several or make it as your personal present.

Cork Stamps

Image source + tutorial You could also use a cork stamp for writing and other notes, this way you could save lots of dollars. It is also possible to customize the design as desired and it is completely individual.

Cork tray

How can I serve wine at home with homemade corks instead of using canned ice? Really they have been very elegantly designed! Always have a good supply of bottles of wine because it is important.

Cork kittens

Sources and tutorial Okay all the wine craft projects on this list until this point were pretty useful but these are pretty adorable. These are good crafts using cork wine for kids.

Wine cork candle holders

This is a simple craft that can easily be made in just 10 minutes using dollar shop items. It produces stunning candle holders, which also subtly display your love of wine.

Wine Cork Trivet

Photo source and tutorial Keep your tables warm and cool with this DIY wine cork trivet! It’s simple and you can easily change the size of different dishes.

Kitchen Utensil Holder

This is another simple and inexpensive way to look good when the whole thing is over. Those are things that would probably go up for sale on eBay at $20+$.

Cork Planters

This is the cutest magnet for the fridge that he saw. It is impossible to hollow a cork from the wine bottle and grow succulents there. It looks amazing.

Wine cork wreath

Image source + tutorial Creating a wine cork wreath would be a great idea for a neighborhood. Definitely a really unique project with wine corks.

Wine Cork Bath Mats

This simple idea has one effect: the comfy feeling! In fact, it feels good to be a bit squishy. That’s what you need!

Wine Cork Keychains

This homemade cork wine keychain was featured first on our blog. They are the best gift ideas for wine lovers.

Wine Cork Gingerbread Man

Imagesources and tutorial. Why doesn’t everyone make their own snowman ornaments? Oh look how adorable!

Wine Cork Garden Markers

Wine cork markers make tracking plants easy. Find all our tutorials.

Easy & creative wine cork crafts

Our collection includes a variety of artistic and practical wine corking craft. It’s actually one of my personal favourites. I’ll need more corks but I’ve got plenty. You can make a cork jug as beautiful as it sounds with this DIY recipe for an evening dinner party.

Make a Wine Cork Tray and impress your fancy dinner party guests

Make wine trays for parties and gatherings and talk the town. Your friends may ask you for DIY tips and tricks to help your friends enjoy your passion for wine. The best thing about this is your wine cork craft.

Remember the corks can be cut to any size to prevent them from securing into an exact tray. It’s best to have a hacksaw but it’s possible you have some sharp serrated knife. Make sure you take safety steps.

A Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer to combine your two favorite things

Jewellery may be a bit difficult to straighten. Some people keep it in a box and the necklace gets stuck, and it’s hard to even enjoy the wear of the earrings. I’m gonna cry.

Bring the bottles in to the box with the hook and you have a nice jewelry organizer! You love wine and you have the perfect wardrobe. I’m in love!! Moreover, small metal hooks can fit in the cork easily.

Wine Cork Coasters for your Wine Glasses

Make wine cork coasters to hold the bottles. That should be the case. This design combines artistic with functionality. Your guests are sure to be amazed at your creative genius at a dinner party.

Cork drinks coaster crafts are needed for the cork bottles and the box cutters, sand paper and hot glue! Adding this together is another idea for wine charms, you get your winner.

A Wine Cork Trivet that your pots and pans can cool on

Wine cork trivets are absolutely indispensable in a restaurant. And it reminds you of the 5 am rush hour in the evening all over again.

Wine glasses at dinner are an ideal way to end an excellent morning. Most likely, you should have one. One for meat, the other for potato mashed potatoes and you can have dinner in the house in no time!

Wine Cork Coat Hooks will classify the place!

Get yourself a pair of hooks to hang clothes! Place the first one in the bedroom to store their wardrobes, the second in the bathroom to store their towels and the third in the doorway to store their coats.

There are even a few to put into hats! Keep corks with a square head and the logos of the favorite wineries in them!

A Chalkboard and Wine Cork Place Cards for your next big event!

Make a chalkboard or bottle card. They are also reuseable at parties! Wine lovers will appreciate your attention to these names when they’re shown off with corks from wineries around the world!

You can find tiny chalkboards from any craft shop or you can put these on wooden sticks, wooden dowels, or popsicle sticks.

Create a wine cork monogram for your wine lover!

Add a little charm to your decor with wine cork monograms. Do you know of anyone who’s name could be immortalized on the bottles?

You get an answer here and the other people will be thankful to you for your thoughtfulness! This craft makes it easier than one would imagine and only takes three craft materials::

Give your kitchen a new look with a Wine Cork Backsplash!

Get your kitchen from the kitchen cabinet you longed for. It looks perfectly decorated, and your kitchen looks beautiful! It is an incredibly big piece… a DIY backsplash!

You’ll require many corks (duh), saws, plywood, utility knifes, screws, plastic extension cords, and a few sanders and pliers.

A wine cork bulletin board would be a great gift!

This bulletin board is the perfect gift for moms. She never forgets the list, She never forgets you! You can customize the cork with your own choice so it’s not necessary for White Blue, it may have black and orange colors and really look amazing in your home.

Make Bungee Cord Ties to keep your cables and wires neat and tidy!

Have cables clogged up your PC? I don’t have any trouble! please. This bungee cord tie made of wine bottles helps you maintain your workplace safe. The elastic bungee cord is available from almost anywhere and the elastic bands are easy to use too!

This wine cork bath mat feels great under your feet!

Try this corky bottle wash mat. Is this the most annoying thing to do with your towels? It is time to give your bath an important upgrade by using this fantastic option to upgrade your bath! It used 125 corks along with a lining shelf and glue.

Bring wine into your garden with these Wine Cork Garden Markers

What is the most efficient way of using cork? Wine cork marker is going to be very helpful this spring! Paint on it what you’re planting and stick it in your soil with a popsicle stick! It’s like DIY dreams!

Use wine corks as Vase Filler

Your plants will appreciate it for displaying their classiness. Use of glass containers for storing vases is very good, and will keep them upright and sturdy. You’ll save the environment by recycling corks.

Make your own wine cork stamps

If you do much crafting you can easily create your own cork stamped with wine cork using Xacto knives for the design. This diy painting stamp includes plaids, triangles, stars, flowers and xs.

Knitters and Flossers will love these Wine Cork Spools

Make them into a small spool for storage of small pieces of twine. There’ll be no other alternative for your cork wine! What an adorable little storage solution for Cork Crafts.

A Wine Corks Knobs will give your drawers a rustic look

How do we improve our living spaces with the right products? How would you improve a dresser with wine cork drawer? This simple craft is clever DIY and looks amazing.

Wine Cork Keychains are lovely and practical

Is it necessary? The wine cork keychain can be taken into the swimming pool because if someone drops it accidentally it floats. All it needs is an easy eye hook.

Wine charms are a great gift idea!

Repurpose wine corks for a wine charm. This is an elegant gift. Add it to a seashell for an ideal summer barbecue!

How to prepare wine corks for crafts?

The use of cork wine corked for crafts will benefit the environment, as you reuse things you’d otherwise not use. There are a few problems with it and this involves the preparation and use of corks to make their use easier to use and clean. In wine bottles, the corks contain bacteria that can cause bacterial infections as well. It is also very tricky to use them. In addition, you can also soften your cork during your craft.

How to clean wine corks for crafts?

Depending on the crafts you’re attempting to make, you can probably reduce your corks and prefer that they remain rigid and solid. If you do this, you won’t have a choice of boiling the cork. You can quickly clean your corkers using boiling water and some hydrogen peroxyde. The cork is not resistant to any bacterial contamination unless the cork can be removed in less than a minute, it also means there isn’t enough time to sag like the other method.

Boil Your Corks

You can also remove corks by boiling or steaming them. For this technique you put the cork in boiled water and leave it for 10 minutes. In this technique, cork absorbs water and causes it to expand. Although it should return to its normal size they could affect the integrity of the cork. So steam instead of boiling cork is advised.

Steam Your Corks

It’s easy to steam cork with the steamers because it fills halfway. If there are no steamers, the colander is a good alternative. Keep your corks away from the water if they steam. Tell me the duration: ten minutes. Remove them from heat before handling them.

Save time and buy wine corks in bulk

You may also have looked at my post on how to use my huge bottle of wine cork. If you do have a big stock of wine and don’t want time to clean it you can purchase it online. It might cost a little of the cost but it will be worth it for you.

If you do not have any money, you can also go into a nearby pub or wine shop and ask for free corks. But online is definitely simpler and cheaper.

What can I do with cork pieces?

50 unique DIY projects made with cork monogram pinboards. This cork pin-board in the letter form offers a beautiful finished touch in a business environment. … Cork stools IKEA hack. … Geometries of Corken Coaster.

Wine corks are very interesting. … Coal plant. … Air Plant Displays. ‘ ” The seats in Cork. … Glue Mousepads.

What can I do with crumbled cork?

Tell us that some part of the cork has broken out and has kept its way to my neck. Do what it takes to reinsert a corkscrew again. Slowly and steadily pull the cork screw into the container and voilà!

How do you clean wine corks for crafts?

Soak in warm water for ten days with Hydrogen Peroxide. How should I wash my wine bottles off the corkers?


These articles include an affiliate link. Please see the full report. Please read the entire privacy notice. When drinking a glass of wine, remember the bottle! What would be possible if you could reuse or upcycle your babies? Some of the crafts require more cork.

I don’t know if anyone has ever had any fun. You can buy cork in craft stores. Here you have several sources. Related: Keep that bottle and craft a beautiful bottle craft.

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