Brussel sprouts sweet potato and bacon hash

This sweet potato Brussels sprout hash tastes and smells exactly the same for Thanksgiving! I mean, Thanksgiving is not just a time for delicious dinners. Hashes are a favorite thing for me because they are usually very simple to build.

This is mainly the time required to cut out all the pieces, so that it is a quick process. Nevertheless, chorizo sweet potato hash may be what you are looking for despite being very short in time. What is your opinion on Fall dishes?

Breakfast Hash with Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes

As winter cools off, a cozy weekend brunch sounds romantic. There’s magic in scurrying into the kitchen in PJ’s, making coffee or tea, and relaxing in making breakfasts for friends you like.

It’s topped with everything we enjoy: crispy Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, onion, garlic and rosemary for some sweetness. This recipe has 10 ingredients too! We’re doing that!

Fuel your day with the perfect paleo breakfast

This Brussels sprout hash is incredibly rich in flavor and has a great taste. These are excellent ways to get a healthy cardio session! And even more amazing, it’s great for yourself! Brussels sprouts are a good source of vitamin e.

A high level of selenium has the potential to reduce cancer incidences as well as increase male fertility.

Benefits of slow pan-roasting

Slow roast (not boiling) softens Brussels sprouts and potatoes with a bit of flavor. Sweet potato and cooked Brussels sprouts have light smoky flavors as well as crisp textures on the outside. Breadcrumbs covered on bacon crumbles also enhance crispness.

Other fruits and vegetables that benefit from this method include cut cabbage, cauliflower florets, cuffed mashed squash or carrot, or regular graminated potato.

Cooking slow in the oven can be great when there’s little room in the fridge for traditional roasting of the veggies like for a feast like Thanksgiving, Christmas or other family holidays.

Easy Whole30 breakfast: Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and bacon hash

It’s not easy to make these recipes. Chopped bacon cooked to perfection, Brussels sprouts, peppers and onions fried in bacon fat, seasoned with cumin and black pepper and caramelized with balsamic vinegar.

These dishes feature great flavor that compliment each other beautifully. Enjoy on the stove or with baked eggs so you won’t miss those breakfast potatoes too! You can make these vegetarian dishes by reducing the cheese just as easily.

The final steps

Brussels sprouts can be cooked on a plate or chopped and topped with bacon. You could sprinkle balsamic vinegar or soy sauce on stuffed potatoes if you wanted extra flavor. Balsamic vinegar cuts through bacon richness, whereas soy sauce may add umami and flavoring to sweet potato and Brussels sprouts.

Do brussel sprouts go well with sweet potatoes?

Roasted veg is very popular in our area due to its deep flavor and crunchy texture! It is impossible to avoid roast Brussels and Sweet Potato. The sweetness and bitterness make this dish always satisfying.

Can you roast Brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes together?

Direction. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Celsius. Toss Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, oil, cumin, pepper and cumin into a single layer and spread. Roast for 30 minutes. Turn at halfway point.

Why are Brussels sprouts good for you?

Eating Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables helps prevent cancer of breasts, kidneys and prostates if eaten in moderation. Brussels sprouts are also a tasty way to curb your diabetes and high blood pressure, and they are very nutritious.

How long does it take to saute brussel sprouts?

Cook for 5-6 minutes. Give them a stir and cook them for a little more then five minutes.


When I started growing up I believed it was true until I had tasted the potatoes grilled in a restaurant. I fell in Love with it and started trying different methods for making Brussels Sprout. Brussels sprouts with Sweet Potato Hash.

This deliciously nutritious and delicious Autumn dessert has many different flavors! Looks amazing Brussels sprouts! Beautiful. And that’s good! Brussels sprouts are part of the cabbage family.

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